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A friend once asked me what I feel or experience when I paint. A perfectly simple question but it astounded me! It was only after much thought I realized why I could not answer. I discovered that when my brush touches a canvas, I lose myself completely. I am devoid of hunger or thirst or any bodily functions. I am submerged in the beauty that I see before me. And, ironically, it is only then that I find myself.


The human body is the most fascinating canvas that I have ever seen. A living, breathing canvas. Unlike a regular canvas, the body/face presents so many contours, each with its perfection. My real challenge then is to create something unique for each individual/face/body. And yes, it pains me that my creation is so short-lived but the joy I experience each time I paint a child’s face or any part of the human body, that pain is forgotten.



I am a trainer body and face painter and have taken classes from the best – Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe, Marcela Murad, and Mark Reid – and continue to hone my skill. If you like what you see in my gallery and are excited to have me at your next business or personal event, feel free to get in touch with me.

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